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New Arrivals

25th March 2024 – An.update of approximately 130 posters which includes two Mondo prints for Godzilla by the late, great Kim Jung Gi, a Godzilla print by Yuko Shimizu, a print for The Neon Demon by Zero and a striking image of the legendary Christopher Lee in Horror of Dracula by Francesco Francavilla. The horizontal Kill Bill poster was a Japanese promotional poster and contains the perforated cinema ticket still attached. Amongst recent Japanese B1s, I picked up No Country for Old Men (I have an existing copy, but it has a large snipe attached), Blade Runner 2049, Let Me In and some character posters for Tron Legacy (the Rinzler style is shown below). I also acquired the nicely illustrated one sheet for The Book of Boba Fett – please use the Star Wars tag to see the various Star Wars posters I have collected over the years.

Please click here to see the other new posters in this update.

31st October 2023 – I have added 175 posters in this update. Among my favourites are a set of character posters for The Prestige (uncut proofs), Japanese B1s for Black Swan, In the Mood for Love and Back to the Future. A selection of prints include Paul Mann’s continuation of his James Bond series with a screen print for Thunderball and Laurent Durieux’s elegant print for The Red Shoes. The Desert Style Japanese B1 for Kill Bill Volume 2 is a poster I have hunted for a few years, it’s printed on a heavier stock rice paper which gives it a really nice texture. I love the art by Vazuo on the horizontal B2 for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and the UK Quad for a recent release of Paris, Texas. Finally, I picked up the art style Japanese B1 for Noriyoshi Ohrai’s excellent Ultraman poster (I also have the matching poster with the title/credits).

Please click here to see the rest of the new arrivals, spread over 2 pages. Please bear with the gallery in terms of load times, it can be a little slow.

31st January 2023 – About 18 months ago, this site was hacked and I lost all the gallery data. I’ve (very slowly) managed to rebuild it, so I can now finally start catching up with new arrivals that I have received over the last couple of years. Here is the first update of around 100 posters of various formats, including art by Laurent Durieux, Tongdee Panumas, Paul Mann, Akiko Stehrenberger and Noriyoshi Ohrai.

A small selection is below, but please click here to see the rest of the posters in this update. Please bear with the gallery in terms of load times, it can be a little slow.